Love. Coffee. WordPress is a blog devoted to WordPress tutorials and related topics such as writing, productivity and organization, and blogging. And maybe an occasional post about coffee. WordPress topics here are generally about (self-hosted WordPress) rather than I may touch on other blogging platforms from time to time, but those are not the main focus.

Posts here are intended to be so that anyone could follow along. I have a long experience with WordPress, but I’m not really a programmer or a coder and know that it’s possible to work with WordPress starting from basic computer skills and learn along the way.

In 2019, I started a little website called “Sloth Makes a Blog,” a series of beginning WordPress tutorials. However, I decided that, perhaps, I didn’t want the entire blog to seem sloth-focused (though sloths are awesome) so I am carrying that series over here.

Why love, coffee, & WordPress? Why not? I drink coffee and work/play with WordPress much of the time these days. It doesn’t always fill me with love, but there must be something satisfying about blogging as I keep coming back to it.