About Sloth Makes a Blog

Why would a sloth want to make a WordPress blog? The real question is why I would want to write a blog about a sloth making a WordPress blog. Sloths are cute! They’re my spirit animal! They’re slow and sometimes don’t get around to writing blog posts every week (or month, or year.) But, moreover, writing some WordPress tutorials featuring a sloth seemed like a fun way to start writing about WordPress and allowed me to do so somewhat sarcastically and also write about people I know only in disguised animal form.

So I stared a website mid to late last year called Sloth Makes a Blog late last year, then deleted it thinking, perhaps, I should just focus on one blog. But a couple things happened — I regretted it. I found I really DID want to write about WordPress, and I wanted to write this tutorial series, but I put the pressure on myself to churn out a sloth post every week — which I didn’t accomplish. Both because of the slowness of Sloth and, really, because I had other things I sometimes wanted to write about — WordPress snippets, thoughts on writing.

So here we are at LCWP — and the WordPressSloth is coming along for the ride. I have most posts I had written so far saved from the original site –there were a few that weren’t — and I’ll be rolling them out in their own section and continuing with Zip the WordPress sloth’s tale of blog making alongside other posts about WordPress and things related to blogging.

Posts in the series are/will be about WordPress (as the name of this site implies) and not about other blogging platforms and will be about WordPress.org (self-hosted WordPress) and about WordPress.com (except in, perhaps, a few specific cases as I had a client who wanted me to revamp his WordPress.com site so I have opinions there.)

Anyway, thanks for visiting and have a Slothful Saturday and Sunday when they come (I’m writing this during COVID-19 and what is a day of the week anymore?)

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