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    Wapuu is the official WordPress mascot and looks kind of like he should be a Pokemon. Many types of Wapuus exist for different WordPress Wordcamps, plugins, and just for fun. You can find them on the official Wapuu website.

    You might first notice the Wapuu when you install WordPress and find it as the avatar in the default comment. But from where did the Wapuu come? If you look at it and think, “Japan,” you would be correct.

    According to the Wappu website, the first inklings of Wappu occurred at a WordCamp Tokyo afterparty. Kazuko Kaenuchi was hired to design the Wappu, but donated her services instead. Wappu was first unveiled to the world in 2011.

    Since then, people have designed Wappus for everything from WordPress plugins to WordCamps worldwide, as well as in the cosplay of some favorite characters.

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