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    The WordPress paragraph block is for entering regular paragraph text.

    In fact, this paragraph you’re reading right now is written with the WordPress paragraph block. Here’s how it looks in the WordPress editor:

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is paragraph-block-1-1024x300.png

    Paragraph Block Settings

    The Top Bar of the Paragraph Block allows you to:

    • Click the Paragraph icon to convert it to a different sort of block.
    • Align your text left, center, or right.
    • Bold or highlight text (select your text and click the icon to change the font style.)
    • Add a link (again highlight the text you want to link and choose the link button)
    • If you choose the down arrow, you can opt to underline, strikethrough, or change the color of your text, or insert an inline image or code into the block.

    The Right Panel BlockSettings of the WordPress Paragraph Block allows you to:

    • Change your text size.
    • Add a drop cap (large first letter) to the block as in the image above.
    • Choose a different background color or text color for the entire block.
    • Specify a CSS class for the block in Advanced settings.

    Here’s a brief video of adding a WordPress paragraph block and using its features:

    You wouldn’t want to use all of them, though! Note that the video is a screencast using the block and does NOT have narration.

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