Making the FullWidth Header FullWidth in the Extra Theme


I’m testing out something simple as a first post on this website, and then I’m getting back to the tutorials and finishing with basic design here. As you might notice, I’m a fan of Elegant Theme’s Extra theme. I’m a fan of many themes, but sometimes you end up sticking with something — in my case it’s Divi and Extra though I’ve used many other themes in the past. But you might notice that even when you don’t even choose the “boxed” layout in Extra…it’s boxed. The fullwidth header isn’t even fullwidth. But if you want to make the Extra theme fullwidth, here’s how to do it.

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Here’s the Snippet to Make the Extra Theme Fullwidth:

#main-content .container {     max-width: 100%!important; }
.container { width:100%; }

Where Do I Put It?

I’m coming back to edit this post after the weekend with photos and a video and further instructions. Right now, I’m just working on getting something up here. If you want to make your entire website fullwidth, put in it the theme customizer. On this website, I use it on an as-needed basis. Go to the gear icon at the bottom of the visual builder, then under “Advanced” settings, enter it into the custom CSS field. I’ve done this on the homepage and again in my theme builder header sections to get my headers to be fullwidth. I’ll be back soon with photos and videos…but I’m going to have a weekend now (even though I’m at home).

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Cheryl Dimof
Cheryl Dimof
Cheryl is a "retired" Occupational Therapist who loves writing and is a WordPress enthusiast. She used to be like Rapid Rabbit, but these days, her spirit animal is Zip the Sloth. She's looking forward to getting more active again, though, and likes cycling, kayaking, meditation, reading and writes/blogs a lot. In fact, she crazily writes several blogs: Pacific Northwest and Beyond, Caffeine Journal, and as she actually worked in geriatrics and is actually getting older herself, is writing a blog about that: Ancient & Awesome.

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