Registration Terms and Conditions

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This are some very general terms and conditions that you’re agreeing to abide by if you register here. Registering gives you some powers like submitting a post or bookmarking content. It may, eventually, help you earn stupid badges based on trivia quizzes (but none you’d want to add to your credentials.) But with great power, comes great responsibility.

By registering you’re agreeing to or acknowledging that:

  • You can choose to keep your profile out of the member directory. However, if you’re a post author or participate with other logged-in users in any way, you’re choosing to disclose some of your information.
  • You agree to be nice. It’s OK to respectfully disagree and debate with someone. Sometimes, that’s fun. However you agree not to post things that are hateful, violent, trolling, flaming…you get it. You may be warned, or you may be banned without warning if you do this. It depends on what it is.
  • You’ve acknowledged our privacy policy and that this site uses cookies, and analytics features.
  • You will not use this system to harrass or constantly message other members — and that includes the admin of this website.
  • You will not post adult photos to your profile.
  • Content here is intended to be about WordPress, blogging, and writing. Oh, and coffee. And discussing sloths may be OK. But if you want to use this system to start a group about home decor, don’t.
  • We may update these terms in the future.
  • You agree to hold us harmless for interactions on this website.
  • You are over 13 years of age at least. Despite the sloths, this is not a site for kids.