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Post Formats in WordPress

Zip is using a theme that supports post formats. What are post formats in WordPress and how do you use them?

Sloth Adds a Logo (Adding a Logo to Your Header and Where to Get One)

Zip's theme allows him to add a custom logo to his header. If your theme offers the ability to add a custom logo, here's how and where to do it. Also, this post provides some tips for creating a logo and links to some websites that allow you to create logos easily.

Sloth Has Fun With Fonts (How to Choose a Font and 12 Fun Font Pairings)

Zip has added some colors to his website. Next, he needs to choose some fonts. Typography is an important part of your website's design. Here's more about choosing fonts along with 12 fun font pairings he is considering.

Sloth Gets Colorful (Choosing Colors for Your Website)

Zip has chosen a theme and created a child theme. Time to start designing! First up? Choosing a color palette for his website.

Should Sloth Add a Pagebuilder?

Zip's new theme prompts him to install a pagebuilder. Should he?

Sloth Has a Child (Theme): Configuring a Child Theme for Your WordPress Theme

Zip has added a theme to his new blog. But if he's going to customize it, he should add a child theme so his changes don't get overwritten. Here's how to configure a child theme using a plugin.

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