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Adding Google Fonts to Your Website With a Plugin (Review of Google Fonts Typography Plugin)

Google Fonts Typography is a plugin that allows you to enqueue, and easily set, Google Fonts for your website.This review is for the free version. A pro version exists for this plugin as well.

Smart Cookie Kit: A Simple GDPR Cookie Bar That Does What it is Supposed to Do (and Maybe a Little Too Much)

Smart Cookie Kit is a simple GDPR cookie script that actually blocks scripts and cookies then enables them without a page reload. But sometimes it blocks a little too much!Here's a review.

Map Happy! Divi Map Extended Plugin Offers a Veritable Buffet of Map Choices

If you use Divi, Extra, or the Divi builder The Divi Map Extended Module plugin can add some extra pzazz to your maps. Here's our review of this plugin.

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