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Sloth’s First Plugin

Zip has finally installed WordPress. While there are a bunch of settings he should change right away, we're going to, instead, do a tutorial about installing WordPress plugins starting with a simple Coming Soon page.

WordPress IS Political

This is a link to a very good post I read this morning reminding us that WordPress is political.

WordPress Admin and Dashboard Quick Tour

Before Sloth gets going with installing a plugin or configuring settings, let's take him on a quick tour of the WordPress admin area and dashboard.

Sloth Installs WordPress

Finally! Zip the Sloth is instaling WordPress to create his blog. Here's the tutorial on how to install WordPress -- both the lazy way (automatically, and the way I almost always do it now) and manually (which, of course, is more complicated.)

Sloth Searches for a Good Host…ing Provider

Zip the sloth has chosen a domain name. But before he can get started on his great new website...someday...he will need to find a place to put that website.Let's give him some tips on choosing a good web hosting provider, types of hosting, and look at a few of the major ones.

Why Blog? A Sloth and His Blog

Meet Zip the Sloth. He's lazy but wants to make a WordPress blog. Let's help him.

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