Where is My Mailchimp API Key?

Here’s how to find your Mailchimp API keys in a nutshell. If you’re one of those people who needs a video, you can watch it or, if you’re a reader like me, the simple answer is below.

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Mailchimp is a great service for email marketing, but even when you’ve been friends with the Mailchimp for a while, navigating around his jungle of links isn’t always straighforward.

Perhaps, like me, you’re forgetful Or maybe you haven’t visited the Mailchimp for a while because you have a nice, automated email program set up and then got lazy. But then you find yourself needing to set up an additional email optin and get prompted for an API and then you find yourself lost, wondering, “where is are my keys?” I do this with physical keys, why not virtually with API keys?

Here’s the quick answer for those people like me who just want to get to the point instead of watching a video:

Where can I find my Mailchimp API key?

To find your API key, first log into Mailchimp. Next, click your company name and logo in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click either “Account” or “Profile” and then choose “Extras” from the menu there, and then “API keys.” Voilà, your keys, madam (or monieur)!

Pretty simple; hope it helped! I’ll probably find myself referring back to my own post again in the future!

Here’s the video again for those of you on AMP who can’t view the header video that’s shown on non-AMP.

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