WordPress Challenge #1: Create a Roleplaying Game Website for Immediate Family and Friends


This is the first post in a series looking at how I might create an RPG in WordPress. I sometimes like to issue challenges to myself: blogging projects, photography projects, etc. This time, because of my daughter the challenge is this: can I create a tabletop role playing game in WordPress?

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My daughter has long wanted me to create a tabletop Role-Playing campaign. Let me point out something here: I’m a D&D reject. If you look at the high school yearbook photos and squint, you might see a shy girl in the group photo of the D&D club. I was not a member. And, strangely, I don’t say this proudly. I was there because I knew people who were in the club. A “friend” in the group kicked me out for being “too stupid.” The truth? It was apparent that I did not care about D&D. I didn’t take time to learn the rules, and my solution to many a monster was to fire two arrows at it.

Fast forward, oh, so many years later, and back to my daughter. She is into things Geek. We do cosplay, go to anime conventions, she gets me to play her video games (People may have witnessed me playing computer RPGs and MMOs myself.) But she hasn’t been able to get me to create a tabletop RPG campaign. I ask, “why not you?” Her answer? “I want to be a character, not a DM.” She can’t find a friend to create a custom campaign for her. Dad wouldn’t create a creative campaign (though I think he’d be better at it than I would). So: Mom, DM, is the apparent solution. She has force me to listen to hours of The Adventure Zone, in the process. It’s a funny podcast, but it wasn’t successful in inspiring me to actually become a master of games.

And she’s a diva. She wants a custom campaign. She doesn’t want to play through a campaign with a set storyline and characters. We have Mouse Guard sitting in our game closet (yes, we have one), and it looks attractive. But she doesn’t want to play with those characters in that world.

But I have balked at turning into her own personal Dungeon Master. Why? First and foremost, it takes time. Time to learn a new system, time to come up with a storyline (though I immediately had one in mind.) I have stuff to do, blogs to build, many things I want to write. Let alone trying to stay fit, keep the house clean, and not turning into my spirit animal: the sloth. But today, we were back to this idea. And I suddenly started about thinking of it as a WordPress project. Unexpectedly, I found that I was excited about this project.

So Here’s The Challenge: Create a Tabletop Role Playing Game Using WordPress

Here are the specifics of my challenge

  • Create a WordPress site that family and friends can use to play along with an RPG campaign.
  • The site will be, at least, initially private. We’ll likely use a membership plugin for controlling login and, possibly, messaging between users.
  • Use custom post types for monsters, NPCs, weapons, items, and such.
  • Have maps with clickable areas that players can use to follow along with the campaign.
  • It can use any system we decide on, but it’s likely going to use GURPS because it’s adaptable. We’ll start with its basic rules to see if I’ll like it.
  • It will use existing plugins. I am allowed to purchase a couple of premium plugins if I find one I deem absolutely necessary, but I’ll try to use free ones as much as possible.

Our plans so far:

As you may tell from the astounding quality of graphic on this website, that I have a Canva subscription. However, I do have access to drawing software. And a daughter who can draw animals. So she gets to help with this.

She wants a campaign where, as in MouseGuard, she can be an animal, likely a small animal like a mouse or shrew. I like creepy Victorian era stuff and steampunk. So I think what we’re going to do is blend the two. I’ve given her an assignment of creating a “logo” of a mouse wearing a tophat and a monocle. It is a diversion that will serve the dual purposes of getting her off my back for a while and creating unique graphics. We’ve discussed a name. mouseandmonocle.com or miceandmagic.com. Probably the latter.

I don’t know what the outcome will be here, but I plan to add posts to this section with updates on our progress and what we’ve found helpful.

Have you created an RPG in WordPress (or, rather, used WordPress to faciliate your tabletop gaming? Care to share? If so, what did you do, and what worked? I’ll add more posts about our progress as we go along.

Feel free to try this challenge as well. If you’re interested, even consider writing a post about what worked for you!

I’m excited…but now I have some reading up to do on GURPS vs other RPG systems I might use. Just thinking about this makes me think I need some more coffee!


My husband informed me that he has subscribed to Roll20 and asked if I know of it and why I wouldn’t just use that?

Why, yes. I know of Roll20. It’s a good system for tabletop RPG.

Why wouldn’t I use it? I would! And maybe I’ll go to using it, or using it as an adjunct, when if this experiment doesn’t work out. But messing around with WordPress is what I do. Why not one more project?

If the gaming thing is working out, but getting maps and things isn’t working out, maybe I’ll just use it as a “member” portal and a place to keep maps, monsters, etc. Yes, I know that there are things for this like Realm Works. It’s an experiment!

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Cheryl Dimof
Cheryl Dimofhttps://www.lovecoffeewordpress.com
Cheryl is a "retired" Occupational Therapist who loves writing and is a WordPress enthusiast. She used to be like Rapid Rabbit, but these days, her spirit animal is Zip the Sloth. She's looking forward to getting more active again, though, and likes cycling, kayaking, meditation, reading and writes/blogs a lot. In fact, she crazily writes several blogs: Pacific Northwest and Beyond, Caffeine Journal, and as she actually worked in geriatrics and is actually getting older herself, is writing a blog about that: Ancient & Awesome.

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